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Audio Collection of James Low teaching

James Low, Tartu 2015

Some of the many recordings are available for you here. More continue to be added.

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Thanks to all the people who have helped in so many ways, preparing texts, organising retreats, making and providing recordings, transcribing and so on.
This website functions because of the participation of all these many people.

Are you Volunteer?

Currently there are some tasks that we would welcome help with, such as:

  • working on audio recordings to improve the sound quality etc.
  • helping to publicise the resources on this website, for example through social media.

If you would like to get involved please contact us.



Q. How can I know when new recordings are added?
A. Subscribe to the RSS Feed

Q. Can I download the records?
A. Yes. The records are mostly packet to archive files. For unpacking the archive files we recommend 7-Zip (PC) and Ez7z (Mac).

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If there is some merit in this work, may it help all beings awaken.
If there is no merit, may its emptiness protect all beings from disturbance.